Level 5


The Be My Disciples Level 5 program is divided into 24 lessons – at the pace of one chapter per week to be worked on at home with your child but the children must attend 6 classes followed by mass once per month between October and May. There will be a welcoming Zoom meeting on Saturday, October 14th for parents; plus, two mandatory workshop Zoom meetings for parents, per school year. Both meetings will be held on a Saturday and the dates for these meetings are on the schedule.

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One day Bible Camp, Spring 2024
Learning the Bible and its messages through games can be fun. Your child, accompanied by a parent or grandparent, will take part in various activities for a whole day between 9:00 am to 2pm. This event will be held at Holy Cross Centre, 555 Le François, Rosemère inside, or if weather permits, outside as well. The date for your child’s level is on the schedule. (bring your lunch)

Sunday Mass
The requirement for our Religious Education Program is that your child must attend mass once a month and have his/her book stamped after mass by us.

At Home Lessons
You will need to complete the lessons at home as a family. The assigned pages in your child’s book or online workbook are to be read and completed by your child according to the schedule on the next page.
Suggestions, videos and activities will be offered online to help you make this an enjoyable experience for you and your child.
We recommend that you make it a weekly event. For example, something special such as a favorite dessert could be served on the occasion of the scheduled lessons, so that your child can’t wait to participate.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Come to our online parent meeting where you can share your problems or your successes and ideas with other parents

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Schedule 2023-2024

To know more about our program : https://www.paroisse-st-luc.org/religiouseducation